Todd Millay Interviewed on "Smart Money Circle" Podcast

Managing Director Todd Millay was interviewed on the “Smart Money Circle” podcast. During the interview, Todd and host Adam Sarhan discussed how ChoateIA differs from other Registered Investment Advisors – in part because of its relationship with law firm, Choate, Hall & Stewart. Todd spoke in general terms about several important topics ranging from risk management to portfolio diversification. They concluded the interview with Todd’s suggestion that examining major financial inflection points throughout history can provide investors with valuable perspective on how to approach current and future market trends.

The podcast routinely interviews what the host refers to as “smart money” for timeless investing advice. The goal of the podcast is to provide listeners with timeless/actionable advice to help them make smarter investment decisions, and help them become “intellectually wealthy.”

You can listen to the full episode on the “Smart Money Circle” website.

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